Leimert Park Fridge

A FREE FOR ALL neighborhood community fridge in Leimert Park outside of Hot and Cool Cafe. Community run & cared for. Email us with the links below to find out how to get involved.

Donation Guidelines

Please disinfect whatever items you can before donating
Wrap loose fruits + veggies in cling or saran wrap to avoid extra touching and spreading of germs. please wash hands and wear gloves while you do so
Individually baggy or bundle donations to make them easier for individuals to grab and to avoid multiple people touching the whole donation
Please be mindful of our houseless neighbors when donating food (canned goods with an opener on top, ready-made meals, etc)
Label pre-made meals and snacks for dietary/allergy purposes
Please do not throw large amounts of trash in the bins on the sidewalks
DO NOT stuff donations in the freezer or fridge if it is already full
DO NOT leave freezer goods in the refrigerator if there is no room in the freezer
DO NOT leave freezer or refrigerator goods OUTSIDE of the refrigerator. There are many other close fridges that may have room to accept overflowing donations, find them HERE

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